I am lazy.

December 15, 2008

Just can’t believe how lazy I am. I have always been lazy. Don’t know why- must be my genes. Actually it’s my motivation that takes a rest from time to time. Like most artists, I always wait for my muse to come and let me do certain things- to learn, to do sports, to do my room, to write a blog… but wait- I am no artist! Hmmmm…. like I said- it must be the genes!

At the moment I am very motivated to do sports. I`am at the gym every day. It is a great feeling to know that you are doing something good for your body. And it’s a community thing as well. And a kind of a nice way to meet good- looking girls. Yes. Girls are great. Can’t wait until I become strong. HAhahah! Actually experience shows hat you don’t have to be VERY handsome to meet great women. But it surely is a helpful ad. If you haven’t been in a gym yet, visit one! All my friends who do it on a regular basis have conciderably beautiful bodies. And it`s good for self-esteem too!


First Kasseler Braten

December 3, 2008

Yesterday I made my first Kasseler Braten- a meal that belongs to the traditional German cuisine. It is double worth mentioning as it is not only the first german thing I’ve ever cooked, but the biggest piece of meat I ever done as well. A little bit more than a kilo of it was enough for us 5. [ Someone may find the recipe that I used interesting: http://www.daskochrezept.de/chefkoch-rezept/hauptspeise/kasselerbraten-in-rotweinsauce_712.html ]

I love cooking for frineds. I’m not sure if it is having the chance to invite whomever I’d like, or just being constantly congratulated on my cooking abilities that motivates me to do it, but whatever it is, it definately has a touch of egoism in it. As I can not really identify myself as being a very egoistic person, I suppose a big part of my motivation is filled by the acknowledgment I’m seeking from others. A common cancer, I should say 🙂

Hello World!

December 2, 2008

Here I am writing a blog about my life.

People who know me would say I am someone who likes to share- share everything from his time, through his thoughts and up to his problems. I suppose that`s what motivates me to start this here. If this really is the case, well I should be able to tell that in some time from now.

Till then, enjoy having the chance to know what I am doing without having to care and call me.